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With the rise of athleisure fashion, now we have an excuse to wear tracky pants to work!

A trend which is, no doubt, perpetuated by the onslaught of guilty New Year’s resolutions-ers, determined to make the gym their second home in January, workout gear worn as casual wear is here to stay. How to explain it to your boss, when you rock up to work in a plain white t, paired with lycra leggings and a pair of Stan Smiths? Well, clothes that sit under a somewhat broad umbrella of being appropriate for either leisure or athletic purposes come together to form fashion’s favourite, nonsensical, but totally logical, buzzword: athleisure, which

As a (relatively) frequenter of the gym, I don’t particular enjoy mixing my trainers with my Topshop or my sports bra with my Sportmax, but the trend has rather grown on me over the last few months – and when the ensemble is all black, how can one resist?

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 Athleisure trendAthleisure trendAthleisure fashion trend

Athleisure fashion trend Athleisure fashion trend

Athleisure fashion trend

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