How to Juggle a Blog and a Full Time Job

Blog and Full Time Job

If you’re currently working full time, and trying to manage a blog at the same time, I feel for ya!

An average day looks a lil something like this (and I’m sure fellow bloggers can probably relate): wake up at 5.30am and try and squeeze in some kind of workout, get to work for 9am, finish at 6pm, head to a couple of evening events, head home for about 10/11pm and just when you thought your day was over, you remember you’ve got a camera full of images that need editing and uploading, five posts to write, emails to reply to and analytics to track.

Attempting to blog your socks off and still show up for work five days a week is certainly no walk in the park, but somehow I think I’m managing it. Here are a few tips I’ve found useful in the struggle to balance both…

Blog and Full Time Job

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How to Juggle a Blog and Full Time Job How to Juggle a Blog and Full Time Job

How to Juggle a Blog and Full Time Job

Mass Uploads…

9/10 times my Saturdays are spent uploading and editing images, writing content, booking in shoots for the coming weeks and scheduling posts. That way, when I have a busy week at work, I don’t have to stress about not having any fresh posts to publish because I’ll have a backlog of saved content to use. If you have a spare few hours on the weekend, or even just one evening a week, I recommend locking yourself in your room and banging out a couple of posts. You’ll thank yourself for it later!


This brings me on to my next point – scheduling! I’ve got two tips for post scheduling…
1. If your blog is on the rise, chances are you have a few readers/followers dotted around the globe. This means that whilst you may be frequently posting at 2pm your time, this could be 2am their time, and they’re likely to miss it. Try scheduling the same post twice a week, but at completely opposite times of the day.
2. Google Analytics is so helpful for this, as it tells you your most popular times and most popular days of the week to post (i.e. 1pm on a Sunday). As soon you learn these insights, you can schedule all your posts to be sent at peak time, maximising the potential traffic to your blog.

Plan Accordingly…
Some of the highest traffic I’ve had on my blog posts are from people searching for things on Google. The best example I can give for this is when I reviewed the new Fish Dubai restaurant on its very first soft opening night. I knew Google was soon to be abused with searches and reviews for Dubai’s trendiest new eatery, and so I went home straight after dinner, jumped on my laptop and proceeded to get the entire post up on my blog that night. And low and behold, every single week since my blog has had new hits from people scouring the internet for information on the restaurant!

Pick and Choose Your Battles…
If you are currently juggling a job and blog, you’ll know the frustrations when you get invited to a fab event, but have to reluctantly decline but it’s smack, bang in the middle of a marketing meeting. Don’t be afraid to take a few days here and there off work for your blog, but make sure it’s worth your while. You can’t skip days and dip out of office hours every day, but if there is an oppertunity you simply cannot miss, then once in a blue moon I say you should put yourself first.

Save Any Inspiration That Comes Your Way…
Your never know when your creativity may hit a brick wall. Whether it’s a Pinterest board or a scrap book, save any inspo that comes your way and it may spur any future blog posts.

Stay Consistent…
So once all that is said and done, consistency is one of the factors I’ve found to be most important in maintaining a blog. If you really want to build up a readership, you have you treat your own website as you’d treat a professional one. Consistency means ditching your sporadic timetable  and committing to posting certain times a week.

How to Juggle a Blog and Full Time Job

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