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Beauty Launches June 2017

All the beauty launches I’m loving from the last month…

What: Alien Eau Sublime
Why I Love it: The brand new fragrance from Thierry Mugler is a cocktail of summery notes, including lemon, orange and mandarin, complimented by a sweet floral addition of jasmine and cherry blossom. I’m wearing this scent on repeat.

Beauty Launches May 2017

What: Show Beauty Premiere Collection
Why I love it: Aside from the fact I was hooked by the incredibly sleek black and gold packaging, the Show Beauty collection boasts a luxe range of haircare products from conditioners to styling gel to dry shampoo. Not only do they smell amazing but leave your hair feeling, and looking, like you’ve really invested in something better than the norm.

Beauty Launches May 2017

What: Balmessence Radiance Night Oil & Firming Flax Serum
Why I love it: I love being introduced to new skincare brands – especially when they’re organic and boast all natural ingredients! The last couple of weeks I’ve been using the Radiance Night Oil every night before bed, and truly my skin has never looked better (although that post-holiday tan has also probably helped!). I’ve also taken their serum for a ride a couple of times, using it after cleansing and toning and before I apply my makeup. I’m quite fussy with serums, due to my oily complexion and large pores, I hate the feeling of having loads of layers of product on my face, but I’ve been suitably impressed with this formula, and will be 100% using it until my bottle is empty!

Beauty Launches May 2017

What: Clarins Skin Illusion Blush
Why I love it: I’m not really big on blush. I just kind of forget that it’s a fundamental part of doing your makeup (spoken like a true makeup noob). But the compact packaging of these cute new launches from Clarins mean all you have to do is pop off the lid and the blush is there, ready to be applied! Game changer…

Beauty Launches May 2017

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