Blogging Goals for 2017

A few of my blogging goals for 2017…

blogging goals for 2017

Dress: Mango (on sale!)

blogging goals for 2017blogging goals for 2017

blogging goals for 2017

Start vlogging…
After accidentally deleting my YouTube channel a year or so ago, I’ve not bothered venturing back into the realms of moving pictures (yet). But over the last few months, every digital marketing masterclass or social media workshop I’ve been to have all said the same thing: video is the future. This year, I’m determined to be able to navigate my way through iMovie and create a brand new medium for my content.

Create more useful content…
With that said, I also want to make sure the content I’m posting is as useful, interesting and engaging. Yes it’s all well and good popping up an outfit post, laden with lovely pictures you’ve taken of yourself, but the posts that always do really well in terms of hits (and SEO, if we’re being totally honest) are the informative ones.

Be more social…
Social events are a fundamental part of blogging; fashion shows, restaurant openings and new collection previews (to name a few) are an absolute must if you’re hoping to grow your following. Networking can be exhausting as well as intimidating. Sometimes there can be up to five events a night, and if you’ve had a bad day at work all you want to do is get home, put your onesie one, crack open a bottle of red and read your book in the bath – and yes, I am speaking from experience here. Not only do I miss handfuls of events because of commitments to my full time job, but sometimes I choose not to go, because walking into a room full of bloggers can be quite daunting. As much as fashion is supposed to be fun, the industry is also an elitist one. Mix that together with the fact you’re in one of the richest cities in the world, and having a Chanel bag hanging off your shoulder is practically a prerequisite, and you’ve got a recipe for anxiety.

Learn to say NO…
A wise woman once told me: saying no is good practice. Now, this is easier said than done! Speaking as Season 10, episode 3 Monica (The One With Ross’s Tan for any Friends novices who may be reading): “I’ve got this uncontrollable need to please people!” Whether it’s a PR with whom you’ve become good friends with, or a really well known brand that would look great in your portfolio, I find it really, really hard to just say NO when offered something that’s not fitting with my brand or my style. I need to remember that I don’t have an obligation to please anyone apart from myself (as cheesy as that sounds).

Invest in good editing software…
Now this is something I am wayyy behind on! At the moment I only edit my pictures on iPhoto, and it actually makes me cringe a bit to say that. iPhoto is great for beginners and if you’re just starting off in the blogging world, but I’ve been doing this for nearly three years now, and I think it’s time to graduate to the next step. This year, I want to become fluent in Photoshop and literate in Lightroom – no matter how many hours I spend lost on YouTube tutorials!

Become a master of my camera…
A few months back, I invested in a new camera – a long overdue move that has made the absolute world of difference to my blog. I dusted off my old notes from the fashion photography course I took in 2011, I reacquainted myself with ISO, shutter speed, aperture and f.stops, et voila: my pictures got better, my inspiration rose through the roof, my blog and social media channels gained more traction and I got offered lots more exciting collaborations. But, with that said, I still have a lot to learn, and this year I want to take my photography to the next level – whatever ‘the next level’ may be!

white shirt dresswhite shirt dress white shirt dress

the courtyard al quoz

Mango dress the courtyard al quozwhite shirt dress

the courtyard al quoz

Dress: Mango (on sale!)

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