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Saturday Brunch at Moombai & Co

Moombai & Co

Saturday brunches are so underrated.

They’re one of my favourite ways to end the weekend; they’re not as boozy as Friday brunches, they’re not as expensive as Friday brunches and they’re still on par in terms of what and how much they offer, which is exactly what we headed to Dubai’s H Hotel to check out the vibrant new Moombai & Co that has just opened.

The concept follows India’s traditional the traditional Irani-Parsi cafes and is inspired by “auntie’s cooking”, meaning feel good dishes, exciting recipes with delicious twists and staff so friendly they feel like family. The Saturday brunch offers everything from breakfast to lunch to dessert, but the catch is: you eat all of it.

You’re given the menu, almost just as a reference, because the staff in Moombai & Co bring you everything that’s on offer. We started with Indian eggs on toast, followed by muesli, an omelette and a rice dish – all your traditional breakfast dishes with a curried twist. Although we were on the ‘naashta’ (breakfast) part of the menu, it was still 12pm in the afternoon, so all this was washed back with glasses of red wine, which were sipped from Mumbai-style tumblers.

This brunch isn’t for the carb-faint-hearted because bread accompanies every meal. If you’re only treating to yourself to one gluten dish, you must try the ‘anda paratha with kheema’, an Indian flat bread with mince on top – we were all obsessed. Then comes the meat: butter chicken, saffron lamb with the signature biryani, dal, rice, roti and yogurt dressing.

By this point you will be well and truly stuff, so when a light dessert of caramel custard and fresh fruit arrives on your table, you can just about manage it!

Use the code MILLI50 when booking for 50% off the Saturday brunch!

For more info & bookings click here

What: Saturday brunch at Moombai & Co
Where: H Hotel, Dubai
Timings: 11am-4pm (3 hour turnaround)
Price: Dhs245 for soft beverages & Dhs345 for alcohol pacakge

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