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Brunch Review: A.O.C French Brasserie, Sofitel JBR

If you love baguettes, crêpes, foie gras and all things French, you are in for a treat at A.O.C.

What: Brunch at A.O.C Sofitel, JBR
When: Every Friday, 1-4pm
Price: Dhs230 for soft beverages, Dhs320 for selected beverages, Dhs690 for Verve Clicquot. Children under 12 dine free and children 13 – 17 years old dine half price. Entertainer vouchers also accepted.

For me, this brunch was built for chilled Fridays with family or a few friends. The drink selection was great, with margarita, Corona, Smirnoff and Champagne stations positioned around the brunch (you can also take the lazy option and order straight from the waiter), but, to put in plainly, there were lots of babies and old people, so not the kind of place you’d go for a wild birthday or sports social. The service was great, we took the bubbly route and had our glasses filled up every 10 mins. The buffet is supposedly French, but I would class it more as international with a French twist, as I ended up with an Arabic mixed grill and hummus – not very Françias to me, but still nice to have plenty of options! The moules marinières was delicious but slightly disappointing, as I was given a teeny weeny bowl that only fit six muscles in, two of which were empty. Other must-try dishes are, of course, the foie gras, plus the restaurant has a pork licence, so make sure to take advantage of all the parma ham and prosciutto! The dessert room was the most inviting and exciting thing ever (which you can probably tell from my photos, as I went a bit mad with my camera in there), with everything from apple crumble and traditional French pastries to the UAE’s largest éclair and macaroon! To finish off, and really send myself into a food coma, we indulged in a quintessentially French cheese board and a glass of vin rouge.


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