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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

In short, laser hair removal is a treatment that pretty much changed my life.

I used to suffer from really bad ingrown hairs. I am being nothing short of honest when I say I’ve tried everything under to the sun to get rid of them. I’ve tried every lotion, potion, serum, scrub, tonic and pill. I’ve tried waxing, shaving, veeting, plucking – seriously, you name it, I’ve tried it, and still nothing worked.

If you’ve never struggled with ingrowns, you’ll have no idea the kind of things it can do to your confidence. And if you have then you’ll be able to relate to all those times you’ve had an excuse for every pool or beach day you’re invited to, because being in a bikini in front of other people sends your anxiety levels into overdrive. Or the fact that, more often that not, you’re actually in quite a lot of pain. And what about how you don’t even want your own boyfriend to catch you getting undressed?! Yeah, it’s horrible.

I made my first trip to Biolite about this time last year and I’ve not looked back since. I can’t even begin to sing the praises of this treatment. My skin is the smoothest it’s ever been, I haven’t even had the tiniest glimpse of an ingrown hair since my first session, and my awkward bikini-waxing-booking-phone-calls (you know the ones) are completely behind me. And when a treatment is this good, I need to share it with anyone who’ll listen, so I sat down with Mona Mirza, founder of Biolite, to pick her brains about all this laser hair removal…

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Laser Hair Removal

My amazing therapist Richie

How does the laser hair removal treatment work?
We use an Ellipse operator,  which a machine that guides the light from the flash-lamp to the treatment area. Our hair contains pigment called melanin, which absorbs the light and converts into heat. The hair then transmits this heat to the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and rendered unable to produce a new hair. To ensure optimal light transmission to the hair, a thin layer of gel (similar to that used in ultrasound examinations) is applied to your skin before treatment. This process is continued across the entire treatment area.

How many sessions do you need?
Hair growth is cyclical; the follicles go through resting and growing phases. Only follicles in the ‘growth’ phase contain hair and can be destroyed by the heat, and so resting hair follicles need to enter the growth phase before they can be destroyed by the removal machine. That’s why it is necessary to repeat the treatment in intervals until all the hair follicles have been through the growth phase, and therefore can be destroyed. The length and timing of the growth cycles are affected by numerous factors such as body site, hair density, thickness, ethnic origin, hormonal status and age. A minimum of 3-6 treatments are needed, and the intervals between treatments are typically 1-3 months.

How long does the treatment last?
The treatment time depends on the area being treated. The results are permanent, however changes in hormones due to stress, pregnancy and other factors may produce new roots, which will need to be treated over time. The results are long lasting and one can expect anything up to 70% reduction and often up to 90% in certain areas. You start to see a difference from the first session.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal, and why is it better than waxing or shaving?
The biggest benefit is that it puts an end to monthly visits to salons for messy waxing, which can cause ingrown hairs. You don’t have to spend extra time in the shower shaving! With the Ellipse IPL hair reduction system we can treat both the hair and the skin, so you don’t end up with a chicken skin effect or open pores, which can happen with some other lasers. The skin feels and looks very smooth and blemish free. It also treats ingrown hair – especially in the bikini area!

What can you do to make the treatment more effective?
Firstly, it’s important not to remove hair by plucking, tweezing, waxing or through use of creams during the entire four weeks before treatment. This ensures that as many hair follicles as possible contain a hair and thus can be destroyed by the light- that’s right, the more hair the better!
Secondly, it’s important to avoid tanning – sorry girls! Tanning your skin works by the accumulation of pigment in the skin, and the more tanned you are, the more light your skin will absorb, making the treatment less effective. This also means you should steer clear of solarium or self-tanning creams.
Lastly, post-treatment, you are advised to avoid the sun, and use a gentle body scrub to help the dead hair to pop out after about a week.
It is also important to inform your therapist if you are on any medication as this can make the skin photosensitive and would mean the energy levels need adjusting.

What is the biggest common misconception people have about laser hair removal?
That it removes 100% of the hair permanently. Unfortunately that is not the case, as new roots can form as the body changes over time. Some of the finer hairs are trickier to treat, as there is less pigmentation in the hair. Red, grey and white hair cannot be treated.

Which kind of skin type/hair type are more likely to see the best result?
The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is someone with fair skin and dark hair. This means the laser can immediately identify the pigment in the hair and treat it quickly and effectively. However that’s not to say that it cant treat other skin tones, as the basic rule of thumb used by laser therapists is that where the hair is visibly darker than the skin, you can achieve optimal results. For this reason we always recommend a consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal

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Biolite DubaiBiolite DubaiLaser Hair Removal Dubai

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