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Festival Hair in Three Easy Steps

We’re deep in the throes of festival season, and the A-listers are sporting everything from beachy waves to boho braids.

But, unfortunately, I’m a total novice and noob at creating an effortless ‘do’, so I’ve teamed up with Maria Dowling, to show you how to get fab festival hair, in three easy steps!

Step 1…

If, like me, you have very fine hair, which slips through your fingers, then you may need to prep it with some volumiser. Once you’ve got some texture, simply part your hair and curl all the ends (we used a straightener, but I’m pretty sure you can get away with a wand).

Marlia Dowling maria dowling hair salonfestival hair hair salons in dubai

Step 2…

Take two pieces of hair from the front of your face, and plait them all the way through. Once you’ve secured each plait at the end, gently start loosening them, which’ll make your hair look thicker and give you that festival-boho look.

festival hair festival hair festival hair

Step 3…

Secure the plaits at the back with some hair pins – don’t forget to use some hairspray to stop them from falling out! Finally, with the rest of the curls, you can backcomb or tease these tresses, to give your hair more of a lived-in look.

easy festival hair easy festival hair

With thanks to Maria Dowling Hair Salon

Shot by Glim360

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