Finding My Personal Style

This is a post that I’ve written, rewritten and subsequently deleted over and over, because I have so many thoughts on this topic, I can’t quite seem to articulate myself in a way that’s going to entice people to read beyond the first sentence…

Working in the fashion industry, I’m constantly surrounded by the most stylish of editors, influencers with the latest ‘it’ bags, and general fashion aficionados who piece together an #ootd that I could only dream of pulling off. I love the sartorial creativity I’m surrounded by, I do, it’s both inspiration and aspirational, but, for someone whose style is a lot simpler that most, it can also play tricks your mind. Tricks that mean mercilessly losing my originality by being sucked into the vortex of following trends that don’t suit me, or trying to emulate an outfit I’ve found on Pinterest even though it will, in fact, not make me look anymore like Olivia Palermo.

‘Signature style’ is one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but fashion is always evolving and changing, so how can we possibly lock down just one aesthetic? I think it’s only been over the last year or so that I’ve truly realised fashion is not about slavishly following trends or looking like an Insta-model, it’s about cultivating a look that you’ll be happy and comfortable wearing for years ahead, instead of wanting to dress exactly like somebody else. Anyone can be ‘in fashion’ simply by following the rules of the season – all you’d have to do is open up a glossy and flick to your nearest street-style or shopping page.

I absolutely abhor wearing anything sleeveless, backless, low cut or tight-fitting, which, as you can imagine, quickly rules out a lot of potential pieces of clothing. I’m also not remotely interested in loud, bright or bold prints. I’ve also grown up in one of the hottest countries on the planet, meaning you’ll also rarely find me in lots of layers. My personal style is feminine in form, simple in colour palette and boho in the details – and I’m finally ok with that! I don’t need be the next Susie Bubble or Anna Dello Russo – both of whom boast an extremely encyclopaedic style. I could wear a floaty dress every day for the rest of my life and be happy. Goodbye trends and hello longevity.

Dress: Whistles
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Gucci

Finding My Personal StyleFinding My Personal StyleFinding My Personal Style Finding My Personal StyleFinding My Personal Style

Finding My Personal Style

Photos by Shimmering Sands at Nikki Beach Hotel, Dubai

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