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Everything You Need to Know About the New Foreo ESPADA

Foreo Espada Review

What does it do? How does it work? Here’s your complete Foreo ESPADA cheat sheet…

Foreo Espada ReviewForeo Espada Review

What is it?

The Foreo ESPADA is the latest piece of technology from the Scandi skincare brand, who are the brains behind the cult fave Luna Cleanser and IRISTM eye massager. The waterproof device uses a blue laser-focused light that is clinically proven to help combat acne and zap your blemishes.

How does the blue light treatment work?

The 415 nm LED light penetrates the skin’s surface with pulsations that reach deep with within the follicles and destroys acne-causing bacteria, which, in turn, reduces inflammation and the time it takes for blemishes to heal. The blue light therapy is FDA-approved.

How do you use it?

First, start with a completely clean, just-washed face – this means no moisturisers or serums on the skin either. Then press the ‘on’ button (the device only has one button, so it’s not confusing to find), and use the targeted red light to pinpoint the spot or blemish you’d like to get rid of. Once your Foreo ESPADA has detected the spot, the light will turn blue and the device will start sending pulsations through your skin. All you need to do is hold the ESPADA on your skin until the vibrations stop (this will take 30 seconds, which the device’s timer will count for you). Repeat on each problem area.

Does it hurt?

No! The treatment is totally painless. Sometimes, if you zap the same spot continuously, it might leave your skin feeling a bit warm afterwards, but just stick to the suggested reps and you’ll be fine.

How many times can you use it at once?

You can use it on the same spot up for four times. The device also offers 240 uses from a single charge, so it’s a handy to travel with as well!

Does it work?

You need to use your Foreo ESPADA morning and night to see effective results – don’t expect one zap to give you skin like Rosie-Huntington Whitley (yes, I’m speaking from experience)! The device is also a lot more effective on those under-the-skin beasts that painfully appear, but don’t have any heads to squeeze. Comment below and let me know if you’ve tried it out and have seen good results?

The Foreo ESPADA is available exclusively at The Nail Spa, Dubai or

Foreo Espada Review

Foreo Espada Review

Foreo Espada Review Foreo Espada Review Foreo Espada Review

Foreo Espada Review

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