Fresh Starts

I’ve been racking my brain for a really great topic to launch my new blog with, but as launches are all about new beginnings and starting fresh, I thought I’d lay out some of the goals I’m setting myself.

Ok, so I’ve kind of stolen this blog topic from a friend (soz, Victoria), but it’s definitely apt! Plus, I’m absolutely terrible at sticking to my goals, so perhaps if I write them down it’ll force me to do otherwise…

  1. Let the negative shit go… Something I’ve learned about myself recently is that I get very stressed and anxious really easily. I get hung up on things that are out of my control and it’s so unhealthy. I’m still trying to work out how to get over myself in these situations, and I know I’ll benefit from it in the long (and short) run!
  2. Book a holiday (or three)… I feel like I have not had a holiday in a gazillion years. I only took three days off over the Christmas period, and the only holiday I went on before that was to Goa, and if you read my blog post from said trip, you’ll know it wasn’t so much of a holiday as it was a prison. So that leaves me with Sri Lanka as my last credible holiday, which was nearly eight months ago. Arghhh!
  3. Go out less… I’ve got to the point where I open my diary on Sunday morning to find that, somehow, I’ve roped myself into an entire week worth of events, dinners, bar launches and whatever else, without evening noticing. I completely exhaust myself trying to keep up with it all (and trying to please everyone!), and not to mention I’ve put on a whopping 8kg since October, which I’m going to attribute all those late nights fuelled with wine and indulgent canapes to!
  4. Finish a book… If you’ve seen a few of my previous posts, you’ll know I’m an keen reader. I always make an effort to have a book on the go, but I’ve been sooooo busy the last few months, I’ve had the same novel bookmarked and sitting on my bedside table – I actually feel guilty every time I look at it! I’m currently reading “Frog Music” and have “The Marble Collector” lined up, so let’s see if I can finish them by the end of April…
  5. Mix up my blog… With a new blog layout comes new ideas. I’m going to try and take my content in a slightly different direction and make it a little more Dubai-focused, and a little more informative. Please do send me any suggestions on topics you want to read!

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    I LOVE this dress! And thanks for the mention chickadee 😉

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