Checking in At: Hilton Northolme, The Seychelles

Hilton Northolme

Built on a rocky promontory overlooking a tucked-away, sandy cove, here is a sneak peak at my trip to Hilton Northolme, The Seychelles.

Every villa faces the ocean, so it’ll be hard not to book yourself into an amazing room when you stay at this 5* resort. In late 2015, Hilton Northolme opened it’s new collection of 16 deluxe pool villas, which is the amazing room the hotel put me up in.

From the spacious suite to the infinity pool, the privacy, exclusivity and feeling of sheer luxury that each of these rooms boasts is exactly why this resort has won all sorts of awards and also sits on Trip Advisor’s hall of fame. Hilton Northolme also promotes a no-child policy, meanings kids have to be a minimum of 13-years old to stay at the hotel, which, for 20-something travellers looking to totally unwind, is a blessing. The hotel’s spa, eforea, is like no other: the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below  drifts through the wooden-beamed windows, which are swathed in cotton curtains in a calming purple hue.

The resort is located in Mahé, the capital of the Seychelles, making it even more accessible for tourists, as it’s but a mere 15 minute drive from the airport. This also means the local markets are right on your doorstep, and you can spend the day getting lost in the colourful Creole delights, from spices to fresh coconuts to the Seychellois fashion. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone thinking of visiting the Seychelles, especially if you’re popping over from the UAE, because there is so little travelling involved, it is simply the perfect escape!

Hilton NortholmeHilton Northolme Hilton Northolme Hilton Northolme

Hilton Northolme Hilton NortholmeHilton NortholmeHilton NortholmeHilton Northolme

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