7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

From portfolios to internships, here’s 7  tips on how to get a job in fashion.

Last night, for a third year, I went back to my high school to chat to the year nine students about life after Jumeirah College. With careers and potential job prospects on the mind, questions like “what advice would you give on how to get a job in fashion?” were springing up left, right and center. Here are some tips I’ve found useful…

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

Dress (mini version >here<) / Boots / Bag (exclusive for Mother’s Day)

Decide which part of the industry you’re interested in…
Fashion is such a huge umbrella. Whether it’s graphic design, photography, styling, curating or writing, each corner of the industry is so different. If you know what area you’re interested in, that’s already the first step done.

Intern, intern, intern…
My first internship at OK! Magazine is when I decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Before that, I had no idea. Internships are amazing to help you learn what you love doing, what you hate doing and what you’re good at doing. They’ll teach you a lot and look great on your CV, so make sure you get plenty under your belt!

Prepare a portfolio…
This is where having a blog came in great for me. It was a place I not only had all my personal style posts, but I uploaded all the magazine features I had worked on at my internships. It became a really easy way of reaching out to potential employers and sending them my whole body of work in one link. If you don’t have a blog, try and organise all your work into a portfolio. Tip: make sure the portfolio is available online. Not only does that mean you can send the link to any magazine in the world, it also means you don’t have to faff about with printing papers.

Make sure you’ve done your research…
If you’re trying to get a job at a magazine, make sure you’ve read the last issue cover-to-cover, check out their Instagram page and see what they’re been up to, have a quick research around who the editor is and what her background is. Jot down any questions that may spring to mind when you’re having a little stalk and ask these later if you get an interview.

Make yourself easily accessible and personable online…
LinkedIn is really great for this, as is a personal blog or some kind of online portfolio. Make sure you make it quite clear that you are searching for internships or work experience so that it’s the first thing potential employers see when they come on your page.

Just reach out…
Reaching out to the HR team in a company is always a good start – particularly if they may have several magazine titles or departments under their watch. Otherwise, you can find editor’s email addresses at the front of their magazine, so why not pop them a line yourself? And don’t be afraid to follow up once or even twice – it shows you’re passionate and committed.

This is perhaps the most obvious of them all. As cringe or cliché as it may sound, passion and drive is what’ll get you places.

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion7 Tips on How to Get a Job in Fashion

Dress (mini version >here<) / Boots / Bag (exclusive for Mother’s Day)

I hope this was helpful (particularly to any JC students who may be reading!). Got anymore questions or blog requests? Drop me a comment below or private message me – I don’t bite 😉

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