Why I Won’t Be Starting a YouTube Channel

Why I Won't Be Starting a YouTube Channel

If you’ve been following me for a while then you may remember about two years ago I attempted to start a YouTube channel.

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Jacket / Jeans / T-shirt / Bag / Shoes

I filmed the generic, basic bitch videos: fashion hauls, make-up must-haves, bla bla bla. A few months later, forgetting that YouTube was linked to your Google account, I deleted the entire channel when I deleted the Gmail account I never used – whoops! Since then, I’ve never had the urge to try and make a comeback on the small screen and here’s why…

It’s simple, really. My love for writing completely trumps any other urge to create videos. I don’t watch YouTube videos. Ever. I get that they are a huge money making channel, but I really couldn’t care less about watching people vlog their entire day. I really admire bloggers like The Londoner and Wish Wish Wish who have stuck to beautifully written posts complimented by even more beautifully captured images, rather than try and follow the masses and move into film.

The second reason I won’t be delving into the world of hauls, vlogs and tutorials is because I’ve actually started doing this at work. For the past month I have been channeling my inner news anchor and red carpet host for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s YouTube channel, and I think – for now at least – that’s as far as video goes for me!

Why I Won't Be Starting a YouTube Channel

Jacket / Jeans / T-shirt / Bag / Shoes

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