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Let’s Talk Skincare: My Morning & Evening Routine

Let's Talk Skincare: My Morning & Evening Routine

To say that the world of skincare can be overwhelming is an understatement. Where exactly to begin on the path towards a perfect complexion when there are a plethora of practices to implement (scrubs, serums and SPF – oh my)?.

But thanks to a couple of years working in the beauty industry, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to an array of brand founders, skincare specialists, dermatologists and beauty editors about all their skincare secrets.

My problem areas boast some rather large pores and wildly over-sebaceous glands (in other words, my skin is so oily you could deep-fry chips if it were hot enough). I am well aware of the plus points of having oily skin, though, (namely that I won’t wrinkle as easy as others), and for that reason I’ve developed, as best I can, a skincare routine that offers just enough cleanliness without stripping my complexion of all its natural oils. Ahead, my morning and evening skincare routine…

morning and evening skincare routine

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A quick wipe…

I couldn’t quite think of a more eloquent title for this step, so I’ve labelled it as exactly what it says on the tin. If I’ve been wearing a full face of makeup, I usually pick up my bottle of Bioderma and take to my skin with a cottonwool pad to remove any mascara and the top layer of foundation in preparation for the good stuff.

Double Cleansing…

Once I’ve done a quick sweep of the skin, I go in with a double cleanse (a step that is particularly important if you’re either wearing lots of makeup or live in a highly-polluted city – like Dubai). At the moment I am using (and loving) the foaming cleanser from Valmont – it’s really gentle and your skin feels really soft afterwards, not dry and rubbery like some face washes will do. I follow this up with Rodial’s Vit C Brightening Cleanser, which, as the name would suggest, is absolutely packed with vitamin c, so it really hydrates and renews the skin.

Valmont Foaming Cleanser & Rodial's Vit C Brightening Cleanser


Because I have such large pores and super oily skin, I scrub twice (sometimes even three) times a week. I use a really gentle daily scrub – like the Detoxifying Facial Scrub from Sukin or GlamGlow’s TROPICALCLEANSE Daily Exfoliator – if I haven’t been wearing makeup, but if I’m taking off a full face of slap then I’ll go for something a bit grittier, like something from St. Ives.

GlamGlow's TROPICALCLEANSE Daily Exfoliator, Sukin Face Scrub, St Ives

Face masks…

I probably only manage one or two month (mostly because I never find myself with enough time to sit there luxuriating behind a sheet of activated charcoal and green tea extract for 15 minutes), but when I do I always reach for Sukin’s Anti-Pollution Facial Masque and The Body Shop’s Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask.

For a serious on-the-go feat, sheet masks from Starskin do the job, but I just hate how much single-use packaging and waste comes with these products.

Sukin's Anti-Pollution Facial Masque and The Body Shop's Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask


This is actually my favourite part of my skincare routine. I always find that no matter how well you think you’ve washed your face, toning it will still dredge up some form of dirt. For a strong toner I absolutely love Grown Alchemist’s Balancing Toner, but if you’re after something a bit gentler on the skin then Pixie’s Glow Tonic or Retinol Tonic. 

Pixie's Glow Tonic


Ok, what was life before r? I’m currently using The Ordinary for the former* (super affordable and going a treat) and Pestle & Mortar for the latter.

*Side note: my mum is absolutely obsessed with Bea Skincare’s retinol serum. It’s a bit pricier but my God does that woman swear by it! 

The Ordinary retinoid serums and Pestle & Mortar hyaluronic acid


I only really use a moisturiser in the mornings, in which case I try always opt for something with an SPF – think Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. Sisley Paris also offer a really hydrating moisturizer, albeit no sun protection.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. Sisley Paris

But for the evening I usually skip this step in favour of some facial oils *see below*.


For someone for harps on about having oily skin as much as I do, you’d be forgiven for wondering why on earth I use facial oils. Well – plot twist – this is, surprisingly, a very important part of my skincare routine. From settings sprays to mattifying powders and blotting sheets, I spend my entire day trying to dry out my skin within an inch of its oily life. So, when nighttime rolls around, I need to make sure I’m replenishing my complexion with lots of lovely natural oils. Current favourites are Sukin and and Grown Alchemist’s Rosehip oils – apply before bed and wake up with soft, supple and super hydrated skin.

Sukin and and Grown Alchemist's Rosehip oils


Aside from Retinol serums, SPF should be the single most important part of your morning skincare routine. I absolutely love Bea Skincare’s Solar Defence SPF 30 – it’s a really moisturising formula and works really nicely with sensitive skin. For something a bit stronger, though, I’ll opt for my Filorga UV-Bronze Anti-ageing Sun Fluid SPF50.

Bea Skincare's Solar Defence SPF 30

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What’s your morning and evening skincare routine? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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    March 18, 2019 at 5:26 am

    I love my Bea retinol oil, good advice though, throw away your face scrub, the two don’t go together.
    Skin cells are so fresh and new, there is nothing to scrub!
    SPF essential.
    Love the article Milli

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