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Video | I Took My Mum to Try The Nova Clinic’s Pro Facial

Nova Clinic's Pro Facial

I’m always on the hunt for Dubai’s next best facial.

And with pores as large as mine, I’m always on the hunt for a facial that offers a deep cleanse and full extraction (goodbye, blackheads!). But the pure pain of having someone squeeze every inch of your skin always puts me off going back, so I end up going months and months without cleaning out all the gunk from my pores – until now.

The Nova Clinic’s Pro Facial boasts an Aqua Peel, which uses state-of-the-art machinery to very gently cleanse your skin – or, as my mum puts it, “glides over your skin with a sucky pen”. It’s the only facial that’s left my skin feeling super clean, without having to go through the oh so painful motions an extraction usually warrants.

For Mother’s Day, I filmed a special episode of Bazaar Beauty, where mummy Midwood and I ventured to try Nova Clinic’s Pro Facial for herself.

Situated on Al Wasl road (right opposite Union Co-op and Choitrams) the clinic boasts a whole range of treatments to suit different skin types – lest we forget about the carbon laser peel I had back in 2017!

Press play on the video to see inside the treatment…

Thank you to The Nova Clinic for hosting this review

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