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Sometimes I still feel like I’m just getting the hang of this blogging malarky.

The other day, my blog’s Facebook page asked me “Do You Want to Promote This Page?” – ummmmm, I dunno, do I?

I tried it anyway, and the results were…………..weird. I had an influx of new “likers” who were pretty much all middle aged Asian men. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have a problem with middle aged Asian men, but I would put money of the fact that most of them aren’t interested in fashion or make-up… There are a few blogs I regularly see pop-up on my feed, listed as “Sponsored” and now I just think – why? Are you really that desperate for new likes you’ll pay Facebook to promote it to a bunch of people who don’t really care what you have to say? I get trying to expand your reach once in a while, but shouldn’t your traffic be organic?

This comes at a time when I have recently discovered a way of seeing how people buy their followers on Instagram and Twitter – a result which was truly shocking. It’s not just bloggers doing this, it’s everyone from restaurants to clothing brands.

Twitter racks $40-75 million a year, Facebook used to rack up to 100 million a year and Instagram – the hottest market for fake followers right now – racks more than both of those COMBINED. CRAZYYYYY! People seem to buy anything from likes to followers to re-tweets (yes, buying re-tweets is actually a thing). 

Maybe it’s just because I’d much rather spend my money on food and clothes than buying fake bots to boost my image, but the whole thing is kind of weird. Actually no, the weirdest thing is not that people do it, it’s how many people do it.

With all the facts, figures and statistics that are coming out about ‘bot farms’, I just find the whole thing really interesting and decided to share some of my thoughts with people who may not know that buying your way to social success has (unfortunately) become a thing.

Anyway, on that note, I have been working reallyyyyyy hard on my blog recently and have some seriously exciting collaborations coming up, so make sure you’re following me if you don’t want to miss anything!
*Fake profiles need not apply*

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