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Review: Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic is one of those Dubai-based chains that I’ve heard so much about but never actually tried it.

Well, that all changed a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to try out their clinic in Town Centre (one of an impressive 21 branches across the region!).


On arrival at the clinic, the friendly staff greeted me and handed me the standard skin consultation form. I opted for the Kaya Detox Face Therapy facial, which promises to treat the effects of sun exposure, pollution and stress – all of which one needs when living in a city like Dubai! I wasn’t overly impressed with the ambiance of the clinic – it felt a lot more like I’d stepped into a doctor’s office rather than a relaxing spa -, but I couldn’t wait to start treating my skin.


My therapist (I curse myself after every treatment I ever have for forgetting every therapist’s name!) was great – personable, informative, and used just the right amount of pressure during the massage part of the treatment. She started by cleansing and scrubbing my face, and once all my pores were clean and open, she carried out a small extraction, followed by a relaxing face mask. I was even treated to a head, neck and shoulder massage whilst the mask was setting, and I’m not the least bit ashamed to say I completely and utterly fell asleep because I was so relaxed.


The results? Ridiculously smooth skin with clean and tightened pores. Whilst Kaya Skin Clinic’s interiors did it no justice, the facial left me glowing. Any additional tips? Don’t make any plans post-treatment, you’re not allowed to apply make-up, skincare products or hot water for the next 12 hours (not that you would want to after your skin is left feeling so fresh).


For more information and bookings visit
Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin ClinicKaya Skin Clinic

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