How to Shop Online (For Girls on a Budget)

We all know the struggles of heading down to Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Mall on a Friday or Saturday.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the romance of a spending spree in a mall, but sometimes (mostly when I’m hungover or procrastinating in work) I simply do not have the patience to riffle through sale shelves amongst the sea of weekend shoppers. And for that reason, I am eternally grateful for the wonderful world of e-commerce. Here’s how to shop online like a pro…

Know where to shop…
I’m not just saying it because I work there, but is my the ultimate broke girls guide to shopping. You can bag yourself anything from Alexander Wang to Isabel Marant, and Chanel to Louis Vuitton, sometimes for just Dhs300! They also ship worldwide, which is a double win for anyone reading this abroad!

Go in with a plan…
I honestly think websites like Namshi have absolutely way too much choice, which isn’t always a good thing. Before you hop online, make sure you have an idea of what you’re looking for, which’ll avoid you carelessly spending and eventually regretting. For this, I love creating mood-boards on Pinterest and mapping out my perfect outfit for various events and holidays.

Mull it over for a day…
One of my all time favourite online shopping hacks is to fill up your virtual basket, then leave it untouched for a while (anywhere up to 24 hours). There’s two reasons for this: 1/ If, like me, you’re a total impulse buyer, looking over your basket with a fresh pair of eyes a few hours later can sometimes spur those lightbulb moments. You might end up removing something you realise you really don’t need, or you might remember something you really do need, and ultimately saving yourself shipping costs again. 2/ Thanks to super smart marketing teams, lots of websites have enlisted ‘abandoned cart’ programmes, whereby when you leave their website with a basket full of items, they’ll send you a discount code to try and prise you back and buy. Case in point?

Check the ‘sale’ section first…
Most websites will have a permanent sale section where everything from last season is being sold. This is great if you’re a forward thinker, aka buying a brilliant coat in June for half the price, knowing that you’re going to wear it to death come winter.

Know the Ts & Cs…
I think the biggest scare when ordering online is that you have no idea how your item of clothing is going to work in real life. (So this point is especially important if you’re ordering from abroad.) Make sure you know exactly what their return/exchange policy is – how much does it cost? How many days do you have to decide? A good example? Namshi – they have an amazing return/exchange strategy.

Follow them…
Whether it’s on social media, or signing up to their email database, online shopping places are always having flash sales. They usually post it on somewhere like Instagram, but signing up to their newsletter is a good way to ensure you’re first to know about any additional discounts.

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Top: Dorothy Perkins
Culottes: English Factory at
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