5 Simple Ways to Be More Sustainable

5 Simple Ways to Be More Sustainable

My patience is wearing thin, guys. Really, really thin.

I wish I could take a slightly more diplomatic and lax approach when talking about this issue, but, to be honest, we’re past the point of needing to educate people around this issue. Everyone knows there’s a problem and they know exactly how to fix it – so why do I still see a slew of, what I can only call, idiots on my Instagram stories sharing their “morning coffee”, “here’s my daily food shop” or “just drinking a smoothie” photos that are riddled with single-use plastic.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record – although I honestly could not care less if my monotonous pleas for sustainability are pissing people off at this point -, need I remind you all that you are fucking up the planet that you expect your children to live on. I mean the irony in all this is excruciating!

Do I think I’m the most eco-friendly person out there? Absolutely not. I know I’m still leaving a shamefully large carbon footprint. But by now we should all be doing the bare minimum to help – and we’re not.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up some really quick, easy and simple ways to be more sustainable in your day-to-day lives. Please read and adopt.

Ask for your takeaway coffee without a lid…
The actual cup is still lined with plastic, which is bad enough, so anything we can do to reduce how much plastic we’re walking away with – i.e. lids and/or plastic spoons – helps.

Ask for your smoothies and milkshakes without a straw…
And without that pointless plastic lid.

You DON’T need to put your fruit and veg in plastic bags at the supermarket…
if you’re just buy ONE item. Ask them to put the sticker directly onto the food product. If you’re always buying multiple items and don’t want them loose in your trolly, invest in a little reusable bag that you take with you on your food shops.

Buy reusable plastic shopping bags…
Every supermarket sells them. There’s no excuse.

Invest in a reusable drinking bottle….
with all your single-use plastic bottles in the gym! Just buy one you can use again and again. They’re not expensive!

Do you have any other helpful tips and tricks to cut down on single-use plastic consumption? Drop a comment below and let us all know! 

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