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Spa Review: Kure Beauty

Welcome to the first organic beauty retail outlet in the Middle East, Kure Beauty & Spa.

When I was first contacted to try out Kure Beauty & Spa, I wasn’t asked what treatment I would like, I was asked what my skin type was. Why? Because no two facials are ever the same. Located on Jumeirah Beach Road, this spa offers women all natural, 100% oganic treatments, which are tailored to their needs.

I made sure the spa was well informed about my super oily skin and annoyingly large pores, so, before I even arrived, they had already customised the products and process to meet my faces’ needs. We started with a cleanse, using papaya to gently exfoliate the skin and natural yoghurt to help with sebum reduction – yes, they really rubbed yoghurt on my face! The therapist then took to my face with my best friend the comedone extractor, which was painful but also the best extraction my pores have ever seen! We finished up with a clay mask (FYI the therapist gives you a neck, shoulder & arm massage whilst the mask is setting) and toning mist, to balance PH, tighten up those pores and generally leave you with a gorgeous glow.

The only thing that would put me off visiting again is the location, which is thanks to the canal under construction, thus turning Beach Road into a scene from Wacky Racers. Although road works are due to finish in July 2016, for the time being, in order to get to Beach Park Plaza, make sure you take the service road taking you to the Neuro Spinal Hospital. Apart from that, the spa boasts beautiful and unique interiors, which are designed to like the inside of a skin cell, the staff are lovely and extremely on the ball with how to cater to your skins every need. Oh, and you can also order from their MOOD Bar’s healthy detox juice menu totally complimentary!


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