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Watch: 5 Sustainable Beauty Products

Meet the sustainable beauty brands that are helping you cut down on your single-use plastic consumption.

Recycling, sustainability and eradicating the use of plastic is something I’m really, really passionate about. From suncream poisoning the ocean to the over-consumption of single-use plastic, I’m learning more and more every day about how awfully we as humans treat our planet and, in short, it’s bloody heartbreaking.

From trapping and endangering sea life (you’ve all seen that video of the turtle in so much pain because of the plastic straw that’s stuck up it’s nose) to making it’s way into the food chain, the overuse of plastic is a growing problem with far-reaching consequences. But just how bad is it? Well, if we continue the way we’re going – i.e. not recycling and disposing of plastic properly – , the Ellen Macarthur Foundation predicts that the ocean will contain more plastics than fish by 2050.

As part of Harper’s Bazar Arabia’s weekly beauty series, Sarah and I sit down to discuss five beauty brands that are doing their part for the planet.

(Apologies for the slouchy stance – still getting used to all this camera malarky!)

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