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My Top Five Moisturisers of the Moment

I’m not a big lover or wearer of make-up, so, when it comes to beauty, my time and money is always well and truly invested in skincare.

I used to have really bad skin when I was growing up. I have large pores and an overly oily t-zone, which mixed with adolescent hormones, made for an extremely spot-prone complexion. From the age of about 10 to 18-years old I was bullied and called names at school because of my skin, so it’s always been a massive insecurity of mine. And whilst it has calmed down since then (I only really get the odd spot if I’m stressed out or expecting that time of the month), the oily skin has never disappeared. This has made it really hard to find a mosterizer that I love, simply because I need a formula that is going to hydrate my skin without adding to the excess layers of sebum that my forehead is already producing. So I’ve rounded up my top five mositerizuers of the moment.


The texture of the Absolute-Day Cream might initially have you feeling a bit apprehensive, as it’s a lot thicker than your average moisturiser, but I’ve been a constant and avid user of this cream since I first sampled it at their launch party over a year ago.

Top Five MoisturisersTop Five Moisturisers Top Five Moisturisers

Top Five Moisturisers

Bobbi Brown

The Hydrating Face Cream is light, lovely and doesn’t make my oily skin feel greasy. Plus it’s designed to be worn underneath make-up, so it creates a perfect canvas-like finish after application.

 Top Five Moisturisers

Top Five Moisturisers Top Five Moisturisers

Top Five Moisturisers


I love the Hydro Boost Water Gel for two reasons: firstly, the price point. It costs about Dhs40 (less than £10) and can be picked up in any supermarket, making it a really accessible and affordable product. And secondly I love the gel texture! This is the first time I’ve ever used a gel-based product before, and it leaves absolutely no trace of excess oil or grease on my skin.

Top Five Moisturisers
Top Five Moisturisers Top Five MoisturisersTop Five Moisturisers


I mean, who doesn’t love Clarins? I love the whole Hydra-Essentiel range (especially the serum), but the Silky Cream really lives up to its name. It’s actually is made for normal to dry skin types, so I was slightly apprehensive about trying it out, but everything from the texture to the smell of the product earns it a place in my top five!

Top Five MoisturisersTop Five MoisturisersTop Five Moisturisers

Kaya Skin Clinic

After a somewhat disappointing first impression of the Kaya Skin Clinic brand, I wasn’t exactly racing to try out their products. However, during a facial at one of their branches, I fell in love with the Overnight Skin Replenisher, and have been using it as a night cream since.

Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinic

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