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Ruffled Sleeves Fashion Trend

I know, most girls try and ditch their ruffles by the age of 11 or 12.

And I guess during my Avril Lavigne-obsessed days, when I put my best efforts into my Sk8er Boi style, I was one of those girls. But now I’ve fallen back into my feminine ways, and I can say with ease that I am a self-confessed ruffle addict. A game-changing flourish on a dress or blouse, I am currently obsessing over ruffled sleeves. It adds both a softness and a statement to tailoring, it adds movement to minimalistic offerings, and always a sense of romance. Ruffled sleeves are gaining momenting this season, so I’ve rounded up some of my faves on the sartorial scene, all for under Dhs500 (£100)!


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