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6 Tips to Help You Wake Up Early to Exercise

How to Wake up Early to Exercise


Motivating yourself to workout in genereal can be tough, let alone when it involves setting your alarm for 5am.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how I wake myself up so early for an AM sweat session. Well, as someone who has a 9am-6pm office job (which is, more often than not, followed by a couple of evening events, a restaurant opening, a photo shoot and other such bloggery past times) exercising in the after work is just not doable for me. So here are some my favourite tips that may help ease you into an early workout habit.

How to Wake up Early to Exercise

Get enough sleep the night before… 
Ok, this may sound like an obvious one but if you’ve ever tried to attempt a 60 minute workout class, on just 4 or 5 hours of sleep, you’ll know what I mean. There’s no point forcing yourself to workout when you’re knackered because you won’t perform as well, which is why – much to my everyone’s amusement – I’m in bed nearly every night at 9.30pm.

Schedule sessions with a friend… 
You’re so much less likely to sack off a 6.30am spinning class if you know you’ve got a mate waiting for you there – especially if they’re super sporty and ready to get a sweat on (thanks, Victoria!).

Buy a great activewear ensemble…
You know when you have a great outfit planned for the weekend, and you can’t wait for Friday to roll around just so you can wear it? Well, the same applies for activewear! I always feel more motivated to get out of bed and get dressed at 6am when my workout gear is #onfleek.

Pack all your gear for the next day in advance…
If, like me, you plan on heading straight to your office after a gym sesh, then it’s always best to have everything packed the night before. The girls at work will easily be able to vouch for me when I tell you that I’ve showed up, on more than one occasion, with a missing item of clothing.

Have a goal…
Whether it’s a weight to lift, a dress size to drop, or a holiday coming up, it always helps to set yourself goals. Recently, I’ve signed myself up for a half marathon in December, which means I’m running every every week without fail.

Make a banging breakfast…
Does anyone else get really excited when they go to sleep if they know they have a delicious meal waiting for them the next day? There are so many yummy, healthy breakfasts, so why not reward yourself after a gruelling early morning workout with some eggs bene?

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