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What is Retinol Serum & Why is Everyone So Obsessed With It?

What is Retinol Serum

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, retinol is the skincare ingredient du jour that you need in your life and on your bathroom cabinet.

I was introduced to the serum when I was sent a bottle from Bea Skincare a while back – and the rest, as they say, was history. In the last few months I’ve noticed my pores are smaller in size and my overall complexion seems smoother with less pigmentation. In fact, I even got my mum one for Christmas and she’s totally hooked, too.

Packed with vitamins and properties that combat fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, uneven skin tone and texture, there’s no ingredient in skincare more lauded than retinoids (the umbrella term for retinol products). Ahead, I chat to Bianca Estelle, founder and clinical director of Bea Skincare, and get all your retinol questions answered.

So what is retinol serum?
Essentially it is a vitamin A derivative. There are a number of related ingredients under the vitamin A umbrella, but retinol (especially in serum) form is known for its anti-aging and skin renewal benefits.

What are the benefits of retinol?
It speeds up cell turnover, can help shrink and unclog pores, which prevents future breakouts. It also reduces the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation, it definitely is a wonder ingredient for maintaining a radiant complexion.

How often should we be using it?
How you’d use retinol is based on a number of factors, including skin type, skin concerns, skin sensitively and potency of the product. The bea Skin Care 2% Retinol Serum with Vitamin E is an ideal product for those who are used to Retinol products. The potency isn’t too high and the combination with Vitamin E keeps skin smooth and moisturized. It’s best to use the serum at night after cleansing, as this is the best time for the active ingredient to get to work.

If you want something more mild, try the bea Skin Care Advanced Rejuvenating Serum, which contains Retinol and Copper Peptides, but the blend is suited to both morning and evening skincare routines. It’s more suited to those with sensitive skin or those new to retinol serums as it’s milder than our 2% product

What effects should we be able to see after using the product for a month?
For optimal results I would recommend use for 90 days after which improvements such as refined pores, decreased fine lines, smoother skin texture and a reduction in sun-damage and pigmentation should be clearly visible.

With so many ‘Instagram beauty brands’ popping up, how do you know which ones are the real deal?
Look for those that have mainly Retinol or Vitamin A in their ingredients list and check out the percentage. Avoid products that contain too many retinol esters as they aren’t as pure and take a much longer time to be effective

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