Why I Started Blogging

As my four year Design & Conquer anniversary approaches, I’ve started feeling rather nostalgic and decided to write a post back to where it all began…

Why I Started Blogging

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Why I Started Blogging
Why I Started Blogging

In September 2014, the summer before starting my third year of uni, I had just finished what felt like the most incredible internship at OK! Middle East and had pretty much decided that fashion was my future. I had only dabbled in writing and a bit of styling, but, ultimately, I knew that I was going to pursue something under the sartorial umbrella.

Blogs and bloggers weren’t a ‘thing’ in Dubai at that time, and the ones who were knocking about certainly weren’t monetizing, so it didn’t really feel like an obvious career move. People in Dubai also tend to be extremely judgemental, which made the decision to start posting about my life on social media even less appealing. I pitched the idea to my family, my close friends and Ed and told them that the only thing that was holding me back was worrying about what people were going to think. Finally, after much convincing, I had a moment of confidence and decided to hit ‘publish’ on all the posts that had been lying in my drafts.

The first couple of years of blogging were very stop-start. My final year at uni begged a lot of my attention, so I neglected my blog and would let it go for months on end with no new content. Once I’d graduated and started working at Grazia Middle East, I also found myself too busy to post. But, about two years ago, I made a promise to myself to be consistent – after all, you wouldn’t keep visiting ASOS or Namshi if they only posted new items every other month, would you?

 Now, I can’t imagine myself not having a blog. It’s my own little creative nook in the corner of the internet where I can post whatever I want. I’ve definitely heard my fair share of bitchy remarks about Design & Conquer (lest we forget about those aforementioned judgemental Dubai girls), and I’m not the kind of person who brushes off negative comments very easily, but, somehow, I’ve managed to let the negativity wash over me and chose to persevere, despite some people thinking what I was attempting to achieve was ’embarrassing’. Without sounding too melodramatic, I guess you could say that starting a blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and if you’re thinking of starting one: don’t let anyone hold you back!

Why I Started BloggingWhy I Started BloggingWhy I Started Blogging Why I Started Blogging

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